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We often get asked what to expect during an initial assessment. During your 60 minute assessment, you can expect:

  • Lots of talking! We will take a full history. The will include your current concerns, past history, medical history, surgeries, medications, and social history. If you have persistent pain, you may also be asked to complete some validated questionnaires to help us to focus your treatment plan. All of this information provides clues to what we will need to assess during the physical exam and how to proceed with treatment. You have all of the information!
  • Physical information gathering! We will do a physical exam based on the information you provided during the history. This may include a postural scan, a neurological scan, range of motion testing, and any relevant clinical orthopaedic tests. If you are here for pelvic health concerns, we will also do a vaginal and rectal exam, if it is appropriate, based on your history.
  • Explanation! We will explain our findings and the proposed treatment plan.
  • Treatment! We will also aim to begin the treatment plan implementation either with the start of your home programme or some active treatment in the clinic during our first visit.

Questions?! We will answer your questions to the best of our ability and knowledge so that you will leave the first visit with a good understanding of your current concern and how we will address it together.
Follow up! If there has been a vast amount of information to share, you may also receive an email summary of the appointment from your physiotherapist.


The initial assessment is typically 60 minutes. After your first appointment, your physiotherapist will tell you how long your subsequent visits will be. Physiotherapy is often covered by benefits plans, however we recommend that you check with your insurance provider in regards to the details of your plan. All of our physiotherapists are registered with The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and you will be provided with a detailed invoice including your therapist’s registration number which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement (if applicable).

Registered Physiotherapist

First Visit Adult (60 minutes)


Subsequent Visits

(60 minutes) = $125

(45 minutes) = $100                                                                         

(30 minutes) = $70

Your time at GetMoving Physio is meant to be interactive and informative. We encourage feedback. Our goal is to ensure that you receive individualized care.