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Having A baby?

Call about our Physio Doula services to see how our unique physiotherapy knowledge of pelvic biomechanics can help support you as you deliver your baby. 705-252-8558

New Products! 

                             We have lots of new products in the clinic right now including lubricants, crystal wands, the Hab-it DVD, Epi-No, foam rollers, Rock Tape, The Baby Bod book,and bibdanas and tights from The Tailored Baby.

Drop in Lactation Spot!

If you are out doing errands and the baby needs to be fed in a cool, dry place, pop in and use our space for that. We LOVE babies and moms!

What's New

DO YOU NEED A PESSARY? With a doctor's delegation, we now fit pessaries. What is a pessary? A pessary is a device that helps to hold prolapse so that you can be more comfortable during your busy day. It can also help to put your organs in a better position for exercise.